The fanlisting for Kusakabe Maron / Kaitou Jeanne was launched on June 22, 2007. It was originally approved in April 2003, and I want to thank Buruma for entrusting this fanlisting to me ♥

It is entitled Heaven Sent, which can be interpreted both figuratively and literally. Maron is a kind and beautiful soul with a pure heart, and she has many admirers. She is also the reincarnation of Jeanne D'Arc, sent by God to seal evil in this world.

Version 2 Strawberry Days features a blend of Maron and her alter ego Kaitou Jeanne in a fun and girly design. She may be the reincarnation of the courageous and brave savior, but she is also simply a girl in love and I wanted a colorful design that reflected the whimsical and happy glow of a young maiden in love ♥


 Full Moon wo Sagashite Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: Nagoya Chiaki & Kusakabe Maron Mahou Shoujo


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